Hyde Park Refugee project is an entirely volunteer-run organization.  We are always looking for new members. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click here to complete the volunteer application and we will be in touch with you soon.

Current Organization:

Co-Directors: Lisa Jenschke, Dorothy Pytel and Penny Visser

Interns: Carolyn Lawrence and Ashley Rosa

Adult ESL coordinator: Daniel Sutherland

Employment coordinators: Julie Morton and Diane Salk

Drivers: Mike Allen, Greg Golley, Fiona Greenland, Cynthia Heusing, Lisa La Vallee, Dorothy Pytel, Erica Rist, Jeff Ruby, Jenna Sices, Meredith Sices, Lainey Weinstein, Tessa Weil, Henry Wishcamper, Penny Visser, and Michael Weisman

Family coordinators: Susan Augustine and Hanna Siurua

Housing coordinator: Sara Trumm

Marketing, media relations, website and social media: Lisa La Vallee and Jon Stopper

Medical coordinators: Kathryn Baker and Greg Golley

Mentors:  Susan Augustine, Mira Chauhan, Ryan Fordice, Becky Foster, Jennifer Kay,  Hanna Siurua, Daniel Sutherland, Sara Trumm, Jenny Wassermann, Michael Weisman, and Giudi Weiss

Move Coordinators: Liv Leader and Laura Rico-Beck

Translators:  George Aghia, Francesca Chubb-Confer,  Timothy Gutmann, Ghenwa Hayek, Yasmeen Hussain,  Rim Mikati, Sarah Oraby, Brooke Provinchain, Alex Shams and Hanna Siurua

Tutor coordinator: Kate Hannigan

Tutors: Elise Anderson, Lynne Beckenstein, Mark Berger, Nick Bogert, Francesca Chubb-Confer, Melinda Deegan, Keren Faling, Ryan Fordice, Kristine Greiber, Paige Hall, Kate Hannigan, Olivia Issa,  Lisa Jenschke, Diane Rudall, Diane Salk, Adam Shaw, Anna Sloss, Elena Sparrow, Bethany Stephens, Claire Weekley and Nora Zaki

Working group members: Elise Anderson, Marianne Crusius, Ginni Cook, Ashley Cureton Turner, Greg Golley,  Lisa La Vallee, Kristine Menn, Camille Morgan, Julie Morton Dorothy Pytel, Orit Schwartz, Meredith Sices, Jenna Sices, Saadia Shah,  Sara Trumm, and Penny Visser

Special acknowledgements:

  • We want to express our deepest thanks to all of the many volunteers who go unmentioned for your service and contributions. Whenever we’ve asked, the Hyde Park community has stepped up in a BIG WAY.  It really does take a village to help refugee families attain self-sufficiency and we couldn’t be more grateful for your time, commitment and support.
  • We are indebted to Augustana Lutheran Church for providing invaluable resources and extraordinary support serving as a home base for donation drop-offs, meetings, special events, tutoring sessions and more.
  • We thank KAM Isaiah Israel for providing drop-off space for donations.
  • We also wish to recognize and thank award-winning designer Grant Schexnider, Principal/GSC, Grant Schexnider Creative, for creating our terrific logo free of charge.
  • Special thanks also to our neighborhood FedEx Office Print & Ship Center for providing  complementary printing services.
  • Thank you, American Mattress of Hyde Park for your kind donation for a refugee family in need. Special thanks to sales manager Cecelia Jacobson. All can sleep better now.