Good news!


Dear friends,

You recently received a request for donations to finance the purchase of Chromebook laptops for the refugee children we are working with at the middle school and high school levels. We are extremely happy to report that our goal of $5,000 has not only been met but exceeded. We are now determining the specifics of the purchase as well as developing a distribution plan. We want to thank all of you who contributed.

Should you still want to give a gift to the Hyde Park Refugee Project, please know that your donation will go towards our second educational priority. We plan to expand the very successful 2018 children’s summer camp program from two to four weeks in 2019. Our leadership team is beginning to make plans to seek support from various sources for this project in the coming month. Your amazing response to our call for help at this point means that our summer planning has already moved into action. We thank you for your generous support and look forward to sharing updates with you.

Meanwhile, we again wish you a joyous holiday season.

Lisa Jenschke, Penny Visser, and Dorothy Pytel
Co-Directors, Hyde Park Refugee Project


Photo credit: World Vision


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